How to save money on water bills

With the average water bill in the UK set at roughly £385, it’s no surprise that households are looking to cut their costs. In this guide, we pull together some of the best tips and tricks which could help you reduce water consumption and save hundreds of pounds on your bill.

Slashing your water bill

Switching to a water meter is free and could save you around £100 per year, so it’s well worth investigating.

There are a few ways you can reduce your water bill – we’ve listed some of the best here:

  • Change the way you pay for water: Do you have a water meter, or do you pay a fixed price every year? Depending on your household one method might be cheaper than the other. More on this below.
  • Pick up some free water-saving gadgets: If you’re looking to save water, there are free gadgets available to help you save. Check the Thames Water website, or SaveWaterSaveMoneyand enter your postcode to see what you’re entitled to.
  • Don’t waste water: Take a quick shower instead of a bath, turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth, fix leaking taps… There are plenty of options when it comes to cutting your water consumption. You can find more tips on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Check out the full guide at the Money Saving Service website by clicking here.